We can arrange to arrange your transfer from the airport

After a long trip, arriving at the airport and having to negotiate the taxi or other provider is sometimes painful, what better than a person waiting for us at the exit of the terminal and takes us directly to the villa!

1 to 4 persons             2'000.-Rs (approx 42.- €) Airport - Villa Mauridul

More than 4 persons  2'500.-Rs (about 52.- €) Airport - Villa Mauridul

Make your reservation here, giving us your date, arrival time and flight number.

Car rental

For your travels on the island what better than to have its independence!

We have very good agreement and tarrif for the customers of Villa Mauridul we work with a small very serious agency with vehicles in very good state. starting from 1'100.-Rs (approx. 22€)



My experience:

I work with this company because it is a very serious person, very accommodating and do not fuss for small scratches, these cars are clean in very good condition and insured with real insurance. Because in Mauritius, there is everything at all costs, but what happens in case of accident? Cheap insurance that does not work, the owner turns against you, old vehicle that always break down, etc ... etc ... With this company I know that I offer you something serious to spend a holiday without snags.

I have negotiated a long-term price for the clients of Villa Mauridul, no deposits to be made and the like,

Small vehicle type Nissan AK13:   1'100.-Rs/days (approx. 22.-€)

Medium limousine type vehicle:    1'400.-Rs/days (approx. 29.-€)

Large Vehicle Type SUV:                 1'800.-Rs/days (approx. 37.-€)

7-seater vehicle:                               1'800.-Rs/days (approx. 37.-€)

Prices are indicative, may change depending on the exchange rate or vehicle availability

Contact us for more information, availability or reserved a vehicle.